Hi there! I am Audrey.  The name of my blog, Inseparable because I like a little play on words.

Graduating from the school of art, in the past, I worked as an artistic director in an advertising agency and freelance graphic designer. Then, my life took a really different turning from what I had imagined in 2007 when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I felt like it was the end for me. But this life gave me a second chance. I decided to resume my studies to become a naturopath. My new life began since then.

I also became involved in the organization dealing with multiple sclerosis, becoming “patient expert” in my pathology to help other people affected and to develop the management of this disease. That we are no longer just a pathology, but people with life, projects, a future that is sometimes uncertain, but always beautiful!

This blog is for me the way to share and exploit my many passions, drawing, fashion, photo, architecture, interior decoration, photo, ecology, etc., my cute sins like pastries & co, but above all to exchange with you on my experience of the disease, or on various subjects around life with MS and other diseases.